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Asphalt Roof Repair

Asphalt Roof Repair | Roof Repair Line

The Roof Repair Line can help you if you need your asphalt roof repaired. We have operatives who have more than 25 years’ asphalt roofing experience.

How to Tell if your Asphalt Roof Needs to be Repaired?

• Your Asphalt Roof has bumps. Bumps are raised areas of your asphalt roof which are often round. They should be easy to identify as they will stand out as different from the flat surface of the rest of your roof. There can be just one bump or many. The reason for these bumps is often trapped moisture underneath the asphalt roof covering.

• Your asphalt roof has blisters. Blisters are similar to bumps; the key difference is the top of the bump is split open. Like bumps these are very easy to spot and should stand out immediately to the naked eye. Again, the cause of this is trapped moisture beneath the asphalt surface.

• Your asphalt roof has splits or cracks. Like the above problems splits and cracks are normally caused by trapped moisture. Split and cracks occurring can be a big problem and compromise the integrity of your roofing structure. During the winter months’ cracks and splits can become a lot worse as rainwater will enter the cracks and as the temperature plummet this water will turn to ice. This causes the water to expand and push on the outer edges of the crack/split making them worse. Cracks and splits are not always easy to identify at first but once they begin to get bigger they’re easy to spot.

If you notice any of the above on your asphalt roof, you need an asphalt roof repair expert.

To fix this problem with your asphalt roof, please get in touch with The Roof Repair Line or call us now on 01277 375 511 one of our expert team will be happy to help.